ICSTI to Provide Information Aid for Developing Countries

Article excerpt

The International Council for Scientific and Technical Information (ICSTI) has launched a major project to improve access to scientific and technical information in developing countries. In cooperation with UNESCO and the International Telecommunication Union, the project will investigate ways of narrowing the "knowledge gap" between rich and poor countries by making use of new telecommunication systems.

The project was approved at the 1994 Extraordinary General Assembly of ICSTI held in Cambridge, U.K., in July. It is one of a number of projects launched by ICSTI, which include building a pool of expertise on computer networking, and assessing the "state of the art" in information retrieval from digitized fulltext documents.

The General Assembly also adopted a new four-point Strategic Plan. The plan aims to improve relations among the different communities involved in the chain between information generators and users; to define the future needs of users and monitor progress of efforts undertaken to meet them; to examine the impact, cost, and acceptability of new technologies; to develop position statements on such matters as standards and legal aspects of information management such as copyright. …


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