NAA Offers More Autonomy to Its Divisions: Newspaper Association of America's Board of Governors Approves Restructuring Plan

Article excerpt

THE NEWSPAPER ASSOCIATION of America's Board of Governors has approved a restructuring plan that will give increased autonomy to the various marketing disciplines.

In place of the current seven-council structure, the NAA will create a marketing division comprised of six federations: display (national and retail); circulation; classified; co-op; market development and promotion; and research.

Each federation will be headed by an approximate 20 to 25 member council, and will maintain an open membership policy. The federation council president will serve on a 6-member marketing committee, which will serve as the leadership arm of the division.

The chariman of the marketing committee also will serve on the executive committee. The marketing and executive committees will meet annually to "establish industrywide marketing priorities and to allocate resources within the NAA marketing budget," according to a statement from the NAA.

The restructuring move is a product of the council visioning sessions, a year-long process in which each of the seven councils convened to discuss methods for more effective operation.

Increased autonomy, a much-cited council concern, is part of the new structure, said Nick Cannistraro, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for the NAA.

"The feeling was that [the councils] had lost a little autonomy in the merger," Cannistraro said. "The membership didn't want that to continue."

Part of that autonomy will allow individual federations to control a discretionary budget, Cannistraro said. The amount of the discretionary budget hasn't been determined yet, but he said it will be "relatively modest, at least at the outset."

For example, federation members could choose to allocate discretionary funds to rent booth space at events where the federation has an interest, such as real estate conventions, Cannistraro said.

The remainder of the budget will be controlled by the marketing committee. Each federation will be asked to develop a strategic priorities plan that the committee will use to determine overall division priorities, Cannistraro said.

Also, the federations will have more influence over the timing and content of their annual conferences.

Council chairs seem pleased with the restructuring plan. …


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