Magazine article American Banker

Business Begins to Pick Up for Calif. Banks

Magazine article American Banker

Business Begins to Pick Up for Calif. Banks

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Howard B. Levenson knows plenty about the community banks of California.

His San Diego-based Western Financial Corp. has been creating markets in small-bank stocks, and helping banks raise capital, since the early 1980s.

Last month, Western Financial helped pull off something that battered Southern California hadn't seen for years: the successful sale of common stock by a healthy bank. The deal raised $4.3 million for Valle de Oro Bank, a growing San Diego institution.

Mr. Levenson cautions, however, that the state still has a long way to go before it fully recovers. Excerpts from a recent interview follow.

Q: With the worst of the recession apparently over, what should community banks be working on with their stocks.

LEVENSON: Liquidity of their stock has become much more important. In California, unless a bank is owned by an individual, its stock is freely traded. Only it's so thinly traded that a real market doesn't develop, or a lopsided market develops.

From the investors' standpoint, liquidity is desirable because it allows them to sell a stock when they want. From a bank standpoint, if there ever comes a time when you need to sell more stock or raise capital, you'll be glad you developed liquidity beforehand.

Q: What's wrong with the CEO trading shares out of his desk, as its done at thousands of community banks?

LEVENSON: I think it creates a conflict of interest and it's a mistake. Who's to say the CEO isn't giving preferential treatment to friends of his who want to buy stock. The banker spends more time trying to be a stockbroker than a banker in a lot of cases.

Besides, there's no need for it any more. Many [securities] firms will provide workout markets. We have a list of buyers and sellers and we try to match them up. Fortunately, most small banks in California do it that way.

Q: With all this liquidity in California small bank stocks, why aren't more small investors buying the cheap stocks? …

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