Magazine article Business Credit

Technology Session

Magazine article Business Credit

Technology Session

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15048. Electronic Invoicing & Settlement (EIS)--A Practical Approach

Panel Moderator: CJ Wimley, SunGard AvantGard

In today's highly-competitive business environment, credit operations are seeking ways to gain greater efficiency and deliver superior customer service. However, many struggle in a paper-based and manual environment. Up to 50% of paper invoices are past clue when they arrive in accounts payable and between 10-40% involve exception processing. Learn how leading organizations are gaining a better hold on the endless stream of paper-based invoices and payments resulting in improved cash flow and lower operating costs. Electronic Invoicing and Settlement (EIS) is offering advancements in remittance processing, enabling banks, lockbox companies and corporations to reduce paper processing with electronic conversion and straight-through processing in a buyer, supplier and banking neutral environment. Attend this panel discussion to learn how companies are increasing adoption rates, reducing manual labor and improving cash conversion cycles using a new approach that is customer centric and vendor agnostic. Hear from case study examples of buyer centric payment processing and financial clearinghouses that can track, settle and fund commercial trade transactions between multiple buyers, suppliers and financial institutions. Hear from technology experts and practitioners that are at the frontier.

15053. Go Deep--Establishing the Basis for Portfolio Benchmarking

Speaker: Dan Meder, Experian

The "B to B" marketplace is very dynamic and it is increasingly important for credit professionals to understand the trends and how they effect their own business. Developing a baseline--or benchmark--of broad market trends in certain segments of the B-to-B market is the essential first step in developing the most effective strategic growth plans. In this session we will share insights about the market at large, discuss what these trends mean and propose methods for incorporating benchmarking information into strategic planning. Attendees will understand how benchmarking efforts can guide strategic decisions for acquisition efforts; learn how benchmarking efforts can guide strategic decisions for portfolio management efforts; and gain valuable insight about large and small businesses based on real industry benchmarks.

15056. How to Create Compelling Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

Speaker: Karen Laugesen, Fred Pryor/CareerTrack

Presentations are precious opportunities. They're your "day in the sun" to sell, persuade, inform, educate, attract and entertain. If you "flub" a presentation, you seldom get a second chance to do it over. …

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