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The Art of Lanham Bundy

Magazine article Clinical Psychiatry News

The Art of Lanham Bundy

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Lanham Bundy says some people think of her paintings as examples of surrealism. But she doesn't see her work that way.

"It's hard to label things, but I consider myself a contemporary artist--with some definite influences from different periods," said Ms. Bundy, who is 45. "All of my paintings are oil on wood and very traditional in format."

One label that came as something of a relief to Ms. Bundy was the diagnosis of bipolar disorder that she received about 20 years ago. After years of struggling, she finally was able to give a name to her symptoms. "To realize that there is something wrong and it responds to treatment was a great relief," said Ms. Bundy, who holds a degree in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), just completed a graduate degree in library science, and lives in Maine.

It took years to find the right mix of medications that work best for her, but Ms. Bundy was still able to successfully continue her painting, including establishing a studio immediately after college, and exhibiting and selling her work.

Ms. Bundy, who is deeply influenced by art history, bases much of her work on a variety of historical periods, from pre-Renaissance Italian sacred paintings to 16th century Spanish still lifes.

About 10 years ago, Ms. Bundy became involved with VSA arts of Rhode Island, a state affiliate of the national nonprofit VSA arts, which provides opportunities in the arts to people with disabilities. …

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