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Go Organic for Earth Day

Magazine article Curriculum Review

Go Organic for Earth Day

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Teach kids the importance of caring and preserving our environment through activities shared in Organic Crafts: 75 Earth-Friendly Art Activities (Chicago Review Press), written by Kimberly Monaghan, and available through Independent Publishers Group at: (800) 888-4741;

Below is a sample activity from the book you can use to teach students through eco-friendly art:

Plant Painting

It's hard to imagine a world without paint. Just about every store you visit has some type of paint available for sale--paint for houses, paint for artists, and paints that are used in school. Paint hasn't always been around, but color certainly has. Since prehistoric times, people have used plants to color their world. Scientists have discovered that different types of plants were used to create colorful cave drawings. In fact, some plants provide such a strong color that they are still used today in manufacturing paints. An example is the blue from indigo. An easy way to begin to experiment with paints made from things in the natural world is to create a plant painting. This craft will teach you how to mix plants with a base, such as mud, to create different colors. If you want, you can store leftover plant paints in small containers, such as baby food jars, to use later. If your paints become dry, just add a little more water and mix well.


* Glass container with a tight-fitting lid

* Scoop of dirt or clay, about the size of your fist

* Metal spoon with strong handle

* 1 cup water

* Several small sturdy cups, one for each color of paint you make (glass, ceramic, or heavy plastic cups works best)

* Nature Paints, 1 cup ingredients for each different color you choose (for example, 1 cup cranberries to make red paint)

* 1 sheet paper, 8.5x11 inches

* Paintbrush

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