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Marketers Must Learn the Art of Communication

Magazine article Marketing

Marketers Must Learn the Art of Communication

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A recent piece about Mariella Fostrup contained the apparently well-known line about columns being like haemorrhoids -- any old bum can get one. The writer clearly excluded himself (surprise, surprise; it was a man) on the grounds that his was an article. So, this is very short article about communications.

We normal marketing folk are often not very good at communications if we're honest, are we? It's generally accepted that most trades aren't brilliant at reflecting their supposed strengths -- hairdressers always look like Essex girl or Kevin Keegan, mechanics' cars always sound like old bangers and builders always have one extension too many.

This is particularly true in our industry. And if I may say so, of those whose job it is to solicit new business.

Many of us receive approaches from all manner of agencies and most just set out what services are on offer and promise to call within two weeks "after you've had time to digest this letter". Where's the thought about my business? Far better, surely, to write one persuasive well-targeted letter than 20 all the same.

A very well-known publishing house recently sent me something which started "Dear Executive". I don't know what it was about, because I filed it immediately. The idiom, "Life's too short to dance with ugly women" (and men) has a parallel in marketing -- "Life's too short to read poorly thought-out mailshots".

Another winner was a letter from the ad manager of a pharmacy publication seeking new advertising for his special "Healthy Living" supplement. …

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