Magazine article Marketing

Follow the Cult of the Company for a True Gain

Magazine article Marketing

Follow the Cult of the Company for a True Gain

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There is tremendous misunderstanding both within the client and ad agency communities when it comes to the cult of the individual versus the cult of the company. Many people confuse the heart and spirit of an agency with an individual. No one single individual in British advertising can create and sustain a robust, ongoing successful agency singlehandedly.

This is particularly true when it comes to the creative resource in an agency. superficial conclusion frequently made by clients is that the creative team who work on their account are essential to producing effective, striking work and i the team changes, the work will inevitably deteriorate.

Without wishing to offend anyone, this view is nonsense and dangerously misleading.

Clients should buy into the company, not the individual, because a team of people is responsible for creating advertising and the stronger the team, the stronger the result. Where the cult of the company is strong, creative people flourish, where it is weak, they wither.

There are numerous examples of creatives who move from a lacklustre agency to a strong culture, begin to produce excellent work and then move on only to slowly fade because they've moved to a weaker culture.

An environment which promotes excellence across the board demands commitment from everyone involved in the process of developing advertising.

The most innovative work will not, and cannot, see the light of day if the cult of the company is weak, because selling great work persuasively demands excellence in every discipline. …

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