Equipment Demand Grows

Article excerpt

A recently released study predicts continuing growth in the demand for security surveillance and monitoring equipment. The study, done by Industry Analyst Edward Hester and released by The Freedonia Group, Inc., of Cleveland, conclude that the demand for these products will increase 8.6 percent annually through 1998, when the industry will reach $4 billion.

The report analyzes private sector U.S. markets for security surveillance and monitoring equipment, including electronic alarm systems, electronic article surveillance (EAS), CCTV, contraband detection devices, automatic sprinkler systems, and other products, such as shredders, mirrors, and listening devices.

Study #591 Security Surveillance & Monitoring reports that the growth is the result of rising consumer incomes, recovering nonresidential building construction, and recent technological innovations in sensors, signal transmission, miniaturization, and other areas. Also, an expected proliferation of computer-based security systems that integrate alarms, CCTV, and access controls will affect the market as will the growing concern over crime.

According to The Freedonia Group, the best opportunities for sales of this equipment will be found in the transportation/distribution, trade, industrial, and business services sectors. Each of these industries, writes Hester, is facing unusual security threats, such as computer crime or terrorism, or high levels of loss. …


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