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A Voice for the POP Pickers

Magazine article Marketing

A Voice for the POP Pickers

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Don't say POS, say POP. Stephen Hancock of POPAI talks to Marketing about the push for point-of-purchase as an individual sector of marketing

All who have for decades used the expression "point-of-sale" when describing in-store promotional activity must stand corrected. It's "point-of-purchase".

This diktat is imported from the US. It comes along with POPAI -- to do with sellers rather than sailors -- for Point-of-Purchase Advertising Institute, which is ambitiously infiltrating Europe.

It set up in the UK two years ago, administered by Stephen Hancock's Red Square Marketing. Although it has only just over 30 members at present, these do include such prominent POP advertisers as Cadbury and major providers of displays and materials such as Kessler International.

Hancock's credentials for running the UK secretariat are that, as well as owning a consultancy specialising in the POP and shopfitting markets, he was responsible for Thorn EMI's consumer electronics in-store brand imaging for 12 years.

"Point-of-purchase is where the customer is influenced to buy," he instructs. "The term was coined in the US 30-odd years ago and has become common usage through POPAI."

So what is point-of-sale? "That implies the point at which cash is transferred; it applies more to the cashpoint and electronic systems."

But quibbling over definitions is not Hancock's main role in life. He aims, through POPAI, to bring together all POP interests and disciplines, from suppliers to advertisers to retailers. …

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