Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Mix: We'll Call You - Home Office

Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Mix: We'll Call You - Home Office

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We're worried about the government selling on our data. Can the Identity & Passport Service put our mind at rest?

Home Office Good afternoon. Thank you for calling the Identity & Passport Service. Can I start by taking your name and postcode?

Mktg Do I have to give you my details? I just have a general enquiry.

Home Office I have to log the call. (Mktg provides details.) How can I help you?

Mktg I read an article the other day about the government selling personal data on ID cards to banks and other businesses, and I want to know whether this is true.

Home Office Bear with me one second. Let me see if there has been anything released about it. (Mktg holds for three minutes.) It's not true - it is illegal to do that. It's also unethical. It is a typical newspaper story. We haven't even got a confirmed date for the identity cards yet.

Mktg So you don't know when they're launching?

Home Office No.

Mktg Do you know what information will be on them?

Home Office I'm not sure. I believe they will scan your iris to help prevent identity theft.

Mktg Is it true that we will have to pay pounds 93 for them, even though they're compulsory.

Home Office Was this also in the paper?

Mktg Yes. …

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