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Marketing Mix: We'll Call You - Cadbury

Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Mix: We'll Call You - Cadbury

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When we bit into our Creme Egg Easter egg, we were looking forward to a gooey fondant mess. So why was it hollow?

Cadbury Good morning, can I help you?

Mktg I was given a big Cadbury's Creme Egg Easter egg and I want to know why it isn't filled with the creme gooey stuff?

Cadbury We wouldn't be able to make one that size. The weight of it wouldn't be cost-effective and it would cost far too much for people to buy. The weight of it would be too much to package.

Mktg How much would it be?

Cadbury I don't know. They've obviously looked into it, but you couldn't fill an egg that big with creme, as the chocolate would have to be much thicker than the egg is now.

Mktg Is it true that the regular Cadbury's Creme Egg got smaller?

Cadbury No, we haven't changed the size of the mould of the Creme Egg in a long time. They've been the same size for years.

Mktg Also, I've heard about the YouTube Goo-Off competition and I was wondering what it was about and how I can get involved.

Cadbury You have to go online for it.

Mktg Which website should I go to?

Cadbury If you go to the Cadbury site, there should be a link there. I think the Creme Egg is actually the main page on the site at the moment. …

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