MarkIntel Offers Industrial Market Research from the Freedonia Group

Article excerpt

Industrial market research studies from The Freedonia Group are now available online through the MarkIntel database of industry and market intelligence reports. These studies provide comprehensive analysis of industries and products in a broad range of U.S. and worldwide sectors.

Freedonia specializes in industrial markets including plastics, transportation, chemicals, communications, construction, health care, household goods, industrial components, and packaging. The studies cover subjects including competitive strategies, growth markets and products, industry structure and overview, market share data, and opportunity and risk assessments.

These reports can be used for market and corporate analysis as well as strategic planning. For instance, users can find answers to such questions as: How large is the market for oil field chemicals world-wide? Who are the key players in the U.S. plastic additives market? What is the fastest growing segment of the disposable medical supplies market?

Approximately 10 to 12 new studies from The Freedonia Group will be added monthly to the MarkIntel database. All writing, editing, and compilation of data for Freedonia studies is done in-house to assure quality control. …


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