WESTCheck for Windows Citation Checking Software

Article excerpt

West Publishing has released WESTCheck 2.5 for Windows, the first Windows version of the offline automated citation-checking and document retrieval software. An enhanced DOS version, WESTCheck 2.2 for DOS, has also been released. In addition, the per line offline printing and downloading charges for documents retrieved with the Find service through WESTCheck have been replaced with a flat rate of $7 per citation.

WESTCheck allows users to verify citations from a brief or other document, or from a manually-entered citations list, and check them in any of four citator services automatically. WESTCheck also allows users to use the Find service to automatically retrieve case law, statutes, and other documents quickly and easily.

WESTCheck 2.5 for Windows features an easy-to-use Windows interface. Citations can be extracted from WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, and Ami Pro documents, and users can download and browse results in any of these word processors. The Windows version of WESTCheck also enables users to have multiple citations lists open and to cut and paste citations between them.

The new version of WESTCheck for DOS includes enhancements to One-Step WESTCheck, the user-friendly singlescreen WESTCheck interface. Enhancements include the ability to type a citations list and use the Find service and Verify command from One-Step WESTCheck. …