Educom Announces Major Higher Education Learning Initiative

Article excerpt

At its annual conference in San Antonio in November, Educom announced the formation of the National Learning Infrastructure Initiative (NLII). The purpose of the NLII is to assist in restructuring higher education through the inclusion and use of information technology. Currently, 46 businesses, universities, colleges, and policy-making organizations have joined NLII.

Carol Twigg, vice president of Educom and one of the principal designers of the NLII, states, "Clearly, we need to turn the teaching infrastructure on its head to focus on the learner. Unlike today's teaching infrastructure, which relies on highly individualistic institutions, a learning infrastructure will be national in its scope based on collaborative efforts among institutions. Although many of our current structures will remain, their content will br radically different."

In the past, a vast majority of new programs on campuses across the country were developed independently of one another and without the benefit of synergistic collaboration. The NLII has been formed to break through that "vacuum" approach so that institutions can study these technologies--specifically the applications and impact of the National Information Infrastructure (NII)--and bring the most effective methods together to achieve a truly national and accessible learning infrastructure. …


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