SMS Delivers Quadruple Speed Networking CD-ROM Tower Solutions

Article excerpt

SMS Data Products Group, Inc. has begun shipping quadruple speed (4X) CD-ROM drives in their NETower and SCSI CD-ROM Tower products. The quad-speed NETowers are plug-and-play CD-ROM networking software called DiscView. The NETower utilizes Microtest's DiscPort and DiscView technologies, incorporated into a single easy to use Network CD-ROM Tower.

"The NETower empowers Novell NetWare users with the ability to quickly and easily access CD-ROM drives from their desktop," SMS President Bert Rosecan said. "As a total hardware software package, it offers conveniently integrated networkability."

The NETower differs from other CD-ROM network solutions in that it includes all the necessary networking software and provides direct, physical Ethernet (10Base-T and BNC) or token ring connections to Novell LANs. Typically, other products require a CD-ROM tower to be connected directly to a file server with a SCSI interface card; cables and additional networking software are often required.

"With average random access speeds of 150 milliseconds and data transfer rates of 500 kilobytes per second, CD-ROM performance on a network has improved substantially," remarked Everett Yore, SMS Account Manager. …


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