Magazine article Nutrition Health Review

When Lightning Threatens

Magazine article Nutrition Health Review

When Lightning Threatens

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Inside a house or automobile

A lightning strike may enter a house along telephone and electrical lines, antennas, and household appliances. An electrical surge, arc, or side flash may occur even if the appliance is turned off or unplugged.

* Stay away from radiators, stoves, and water and gas pipes.

* Do not use electrical appliances, such as radios, computers, televisions, hair dryers, and razors. Unplug them unless the storm is near, in which case do not touch them.

* Do not touch any metal, since metal is an excellent conductor of electricity.

* Delay showering, bathing, washing hair, or doing dishes until the storm is over.

* Refrain from using the telephone.

* Close all windows.

* Stay away from the fireplace, since the electrical strike may follow this path of least resistance.

Outside a house or automobile

* Seek shelter immediately.

* Avoid open areas where you might be the tallest object, since lightning tends to strike the highest object. …

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