SAGE Advice: Audience for Movie Listings Migrating to Web

Article excerpt

Almost seven in ten consumers (68%) interviewed for our February Leo J. Shapiro and Associates national poll say they have ever checked movie listings and times, either in newspapers, online, or both.

* 27% use newspapers -- but not the Internet -- to look up movie times.

* 17% are flick listing clickers. They use the Internet, but not newspapers, to look up movie times.

* and 25% look up movie times at both newspaper and Internet movie listings.

That makes only a 10-point gap between newspaper and Internet share of dedicated movie listing searchers.

More women than men ever look at movie listings, both in the newspaper and online. Of all people who look at both types of movie listings, 53% are women and 47% are men. However, more men than women use only the Internet to look up movie listings and times (flick listing clickers are 41% women and 59% men).

People who look at movie listings tend to be younger and wealthier than those who don't. Flick listing clickers are likely to be even wealthier and younger still.

The average flick listing clicker is 35.8 years old and makes $77.6 thousand a year. Those who only read newspaper movie time listings are, on average, 53.1 years old and make $55.9 thousand a year.

The greatest concentration of people who only read newspaper movie listings is in the East North Central states -- like Ohio -- which has 16% of the total sample and 22% of all newspaper-only listing readers.

The Pacific states -- with 15% of the total sample -- is home to the greatest proportion (23%) of people who use both the newspaper and Internet to look up movie

As for flick listing clickers, the greatest concentration of people who peruse web but eschew paper movie listings is in Texas and the other West South Central states, which include 12% of the sample and 19% of all flick listing clickers.


The competition for movie listing audience turns on the relative efficacy of print and online communications to provide efficient ways to select and gain access to a movie. …


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