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MONDAY'S LETTERS: Suze Orman's 'Virginity,' Joe Galloway and the Walter Reed Hospital Scandal

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

MONDAY'S LETTERS: Suze Orman's 'Virginity,' Joe Galloway and the Walter Reed Hospital Scandal

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In today's links, praise for Joe Galloway's column about the conditions in the Walter Reed military hospital, and readers respond to E&P's New York Times preview of an interview with Suze Orman


Joe Galloway and the Walter Reed Hospital Scandal

As a father of a son serving in Afghanistan I was so moved by Joe Galloway's article.

It was coming from his heart and it hit mine. I felt anger and sadness at the same time. His message is the message so many families are feeling who have loved ones serving in the military. We feel that our troops and their families are being called upon to do so much and to give so much by those in political power that I wonder how many of them even understand the personal, physical, and mental cost that these young men and women are bearing upon their noble shoulders.

While millions of dollars are wasted and misused why must those who want to serve their country be short-changed or even neglected by those who have sent them in harms way. They truly deserve better. While finger pointing and smugness seem to be the way many deal with the neglect of our service members I hope there will be a day when they are held accountable. They must and the people of this great land must rise up and do it. Gregg Curtis

You had me believing that you yourself truly cared about the men and women of our armed forces with your seemingly eloquent editorial about Walter Reed Hospital. Alas, you too took your opportunity to make a political statement ... shame on you!

We are all to blame for the conditions and the treatment our troops have to endure at the will of our politicians. Democrats and Republicans alike voted to send our boys to war. Both parties had members on whatever subcommittee that oversees conditions of facilities for the treatment and care of veterans and they both did nothing.

You started out with a noble column that quickly eroded into a political statement. You needn't be ashamed ... I am enough for both of us.

Mike GlissonAtlanta, Ga.

I concur with everything that Mr. Galloway said but have more to add. It is one thing to imply that the elected and appointed officials are at fault. Yes they are. But the commander is responsible for everything that his unit does or fails to do. Where was the CG of Walter Reed when this happened? I have heard all of the arguments about how Walter Reed did not have enough money to fulfill all of its maintainance requirements. A day after the Washington Post expose' they apparently found the money. This is more than a disgrace. It is a crime. Vincent E. Falter Major General, Retired

Joe hit it right on the head. I'm an Army vet, but I never saw combat so I can't relate to my poor brothers returning from Iraq, wounded or not. As disgusting as it is, when has it ever been any different in the history of the U.S.? From the Revolutionary War to now, our government has a disgraceful track record caring for the vets who came back wounded. How can you change the attitude of a nation as divided as ours to have proper priorities when Anna Nicole gets 24/7 coverage in the midst of all the world's problems? As any other great democracy in history has met its fate, I now regard ours as a lost cause. We are on the downhill slope toward disintegration and irrelevance.

John Hassel

In regards to the article, Galloway: Walter Reed Hospital Scandal is 'The Last Straw,' thank you. As a military service person, I truly appreciate someone speaking the truth. I hope that others will be able to see the truth as you have clearly stated.

Sgt. Christine Gonzales

I had no idea that our injured troops were being treated so inhumanely. It truly must be the last straw! I did not enlist in the army for various reasons, probably more to do with fear than anything else. But one reason in particular would be the realization I had early on that military recruiters were lying to me when they came to my door. …

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