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'Law and Order' Newspapers Urge Pardon for Libby

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

'Law and Order' Newspapers Urge Pardon for Libby

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A number of newspapers normally tough on "law and order" issues have come out editorially for the immediate freeing of Lewis "Scooter" Libby, convicted on Tuesday in a federal court of four counts of perjury and obstruction of justice.

In addition, The Washington Post on Wednesday lamented the entire probe, inspiring one of its own online columnists, Dan Froomkin, to observe today: "Washington's media elites have been against this case from the beginning, seeing Fitzgerald and Wilson as unwelcome interlopers threatening the cozy relationship between the city's top political journalists and their sources.

"So perhaps today's Washington Post editorial shouldn't come as a surprise. And yet it does....making assertions that aren't supported by facts that have been reported by its own news operation and others, the editorial concludes that the guilty verdict is, of all things, a vindication of the White House and an indictment of the prosecutor."

Here is a sampling of the pro-pardon editorials.*

The New York Post: "Libby's lawyers yesterday confidently predicted he'll be vindicated on appeal.

"He shouldn't have to wait.

"President Bush should make things right - by pardoning Libby.

"Sure, he'd take a lot of political heat for it. But Libby was in the dock because of politics - and turnabout is fair play.

"Free Scooter Libby."

Wall Street Journal: "The conviction is certainly a travesty of justice, though that is not the jury's fault. …

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