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TODAY'S LETTERS: Readers Weigh in on Murdoch, Unsigned Editorials at Tufts

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

TODAY'S LETTERS: Readers Weigh in on Murdoch, Unsigned Editorials at Tufts

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A piece asking newspaper executives about Rupert Murdoch's bid to buy Dow Jones & Co. inspired many letters this week, as did a column about Tufts University moving to ban unsigned editorials.

Newspaper Legends Fire Away at Murdoch-Dow Jones Editorial Plan I respect a lot of articles that 'Editor & Publisher' produce but I think it might have been the wrong thing to feature Ben Bradlee's opinion as some type of unbiased voice of reason concerning the Murdoch bid for Dow Jones & Co. If you take into account his questionable past as editor of a questionable paper. Not to mention his past work for the USIE or to be more precise, the CIA.

I get really tired of people speaking so positively of Ben Bradlee because he oversaw The Washington Post during Watergate. As anybody that reads further into Watergate knows, The Washington Post article was extremely soft compared to what was really happening at the time with the administration and the CIA.

I just think that a quality websites like "Editor & Publisher" should be more careful with articles like this because it affects your credibility with people that actually pay attention to the details.

Corey MorrisAvalonMedia

I'm agnostic on this story. I can't help noticing, however, that Murdoch is treated differently than other media barons. Pinch Sulzberger's NY Times is approaching bad-joke status in its coverage of race and gender issues, and we won't even talk about Judy Miller. Sulzberger's professional embarrassments are directly traceable to his politically-correct rich-boy ideology, but the mainstream media is too short of real intestinal fortitude to come out and say so directly - a good example of where real, inherited power continues to lie in the industry.

Those of us with long memories recall a Time magazine cover in 1977, picturing Murdoch as King Kong, during the mogul's first effort to shake up the complacent urban eastern media establishment by purchasing New York magazine and The Village Voice. Both enterprises survived Murdoch's ownership, I believe. The opposition to Murdoch is strictly political - an in-bred establishment led by Martha's Vineyard Democrats who are genuinely frightened of tough opposition. The mainstream media is so predictable.

Mark Richard Columbus, Ohio

As a subscriber to The Wall Street Journal, the takeover of the paper by Murdock sends shudders through my body. Where can I now go to get another look at the world other than either The Los Angeles Times or The New York Times?

Eric PiperCorona del Mar, Calif.

Could Bradlee's opposition have anything to do with his personal beliefs? You liberals are so transparent

Richard Sheehy

Blah, blah, blah. It's none of his business.

Karen Norton

Tufts Love and a Campus UproarA lovely piece with many good points. However, in all that flowery prose I seem to have missed the argument that is supposed to get me to believe it is okay for people to write things anonymously.

Newspapers want the sunshine law enforced and for government to be open. They want to know the salaries of all government employees and total access to all government records official or email accounts. They want total access and the right to print information from sealed grand jury testimony about what drugs professional athletes may have taken. They want access to every person who may have given a dollar to a politician and hold the politician accountable for the donator's beliefs. …

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