WEDNESDAY'S LETTERS: McCain Says Journos 'Fair,' Gun Control, Yiddish Press Influence on Hispanic Press?

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In today's letters, readers respond to Howard Kurtz' recent quote from Senator John McCain that 99.9% of journalists are "fair," and Kudos for Chuck Klein.


McCain Says Most Journalists 'Fair'

Either Kurtz is not telling the truth or McCain is an idiot.

Aaron Greenwood

What does one expect McCain to say about the bias of the Press Corps when speaking to the very clique of media sychophants who cling to his every word while following him around with monogrammed knee pads patiently enthusiastically awaiting the privelege of turning themselves into a propaganda condom in his service against his own party in order to boost their own? Did you really expect him to call them biased? Puh-Lease.

If you really believe this unadulterated drivel about an unbiased press corps, consider the source! I really need more customers like the Main Stream Media. ...

Mike Villano

What did you expect a presidential candidate to say? That 99% of journalists are unfair?

Fred HollingsworthGreenville, S.C.


Listen to Klein About Guns

Thank goodness! I certainly hope the journalists (and j-schools) take Chuck Klein's article to heart. …


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