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Get That Formative Assessment Grant

Magazine article Technology & Learning

Get That Formative Assessment Grant

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A few years ago the category of formative assessment software didn't even exist. However, many believe the real power of technology to differentiate instruction will be demonstrated by the use of formative assessment to determine how well each child understands a concept and in which areas he or she needs more assistance.

Key findings from the American Digital Schools Deport 2666

Formative assessment is becoming a significant factor in the process of funding education programs at all levels of government. In 2006 the U.S. Office of Management and Budget and other federal agencies launched the Web site, providing assessment reports on Federal programs. Each program is reviewed using the program assessment rating tool (PART). Legislators utilize information from PART to determine funding allocations for government programs. Clearly assessment is a critical factor in education programs and the grants that support these programs. Some key elements you can implement to secure greater funds for your education formative assessment initiatives involve ...

* Developing a working knowledge of the types of assessment in education programs.

** Needs/baseline assessment

** Formative assessment

** Summative assessment

* Conducting a needs analysis of assessment challenges in your organization.

** Philosophy and pedagogy currently implemented in district

** Leadership knowledge and support and responsibility

** Teacher knowledge and support and professional development needs

** The students' role

* Establishing the justification and expected outcomes of the assessment project. …

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