'NYT' Sunday Preview: Michael Ignatieff on Why He -- and Bush -- Got Iraq 'Wrong'

Article excerpt

In a major feature in this coming Sunday's New York Times Magazine, longtime contributor Michael Ignatieff, a liberal "hawk" on the Iraq war in 2003, admits his mistakes under the headline "Getting Iraq Wrong." But he goes further in attributing the same errors, and others, for the "unfolding catastrophe" to President Bush.

Ignatieff, a former professor at Harvard, is now a member of Canada's Parliament. He wrote several influential pro-war pieces for the Times in the run-up to the war.

He says that what he has learned about himself as a lesson for the future "is to be less influenced by the passions of people I admire - Iraqi exiles, for example - and to be less swayed by my emotions." He hits Bush for this and for being detached from reality, for a stubborn belief that history will surely "judge him kindly," and for holding "fixed ideas of a dogmatic kind" that "are usually the enemy of good judgment. It is an obstacle to clear thinking to believe that America's foreign policy serves God's plan to expand human freedom. …


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