Magazine article Nation's Cities Weekly

From 1301 Penn: A Quarterly Report on the National League of Cities' Recent Accomplishments

Magazine article Nation's Cities Weekly

From 1301 Penn: A Quarterly Report on the National League of Cities' Recent Accomplishments

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We protected the rights and resources of municipalities in Washington by ...

* Lobbying for increases in federal funding for municipal programs, including Community Development Block Grants, Community Oriented Policing Services and transportation programs.

* Lobbying for the creation of an energy and environmental block grant program and comprehensive immigration reform.

* Lobbying against collective bargaining legislation that interferes with state laws, violates federalism principles, and may be unconstitutional.

* Lobbying against a permanent extension of the Internet tax moratorium.

* Filing petitions for review of, and a motion to block the implementation of, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) video franchise order with the Court of Appeals.

* Meeting with Senate Banking and House Financial Services Committee staff to discuss the need for legislation and regulations to better protect consumers in the mortgage lending system.

* Meeting with Senate and House members' staffs to discuss the local perspective on gang prevention legislation.

* Meeting with the Securities and Exchange Commission chairman to discuss his proposals to change the process for appointments to the Financial Accounting Foundation Board and to increase regulation of the municipal bond market.

* Organizing meetings for NLC Board members with more than 30 congressional offices to discuss NLC legislative priorities.

* Participating in the Department of Transportation's National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission roundtable discussion with state and local government representatives and in a transportation industry summit.

* Filing comments with the Fee on its proposed rulemaking concerning the development of nationwide broadband data and its notice of intent concerning broadband industry practices.

* Filing comments with the Office of Management and Budget requesting that the agency disapprove the FCC's Paperwork Reduction Act Submission in connection with the FCC's video franchise order.

We helped municipal officials share great ideas by ...

* Organizing a Summit on Media Violence and its Impact on Children and webcasting the program live on NLC's Internet TV channel,

* Hosting meetings with city officials and national research and policy organizations to discuss strategies to reduce poverty and help low-income families build financial assets.

* Hosting audio conferences on school readiness, city-school youth master planning initiatives, connections with statewide afterschool networks, sharing data on disconnected youth across city and other public agencies and city roles in reducing poverty and promoting economic opportunity.

* Conducting a housing training workshop for eight cities in West Virginia.

* Hosting a workshop with United Way of America on promoting school readiness for children.

* Conducting meetings of NLC's seven policy and advocacy steering committees. …

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