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Ask the N.O.-IT-ALLS

Magazine article Nation's Cities Weekly

Ask the N.O.-IT-ALLS

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Dear N.O.-IT-ALLS,

Let me fire off this question. Rumor has it that New Orleans is full of haunted houses and ghosts, Personally, my husband and I don't believe in ghosts, but I think the tours are entertaining. Are there a lot of ghost tours in New Orleans? Are they worth the time to go?

Signed, Ghost Doubter

Dear Mrs. Doubtfire,

Let's just say I would sleep with one eye open while in

New Orleans. Ghosts don't like to be doubted or ignored. I think once you visit you'll become a believer.

New Orleans has been called the most haunted city in the United States. Legend tells us that this vast swamp, which became New Orleans, was once used by Native Americans as a sacred burial place. In 1718, New Orleans was founded by the French as a profitable trading post. Being a swamp, New Orleans did not appeal to the taste of wealthy Parisians. The King of France decided to relieve the overcrowded prison population in Paris by sending the most hardened criminals, murderers and thieves to live in New Orleans. As a result crime was rampant in the fledgling city, and many legends both true and fictional were born. Many of the tours explore the grim and ghastly deeds of these criminals in the old French Quarter.

Tour guides will provide you with an eerie, chilling yet fun-filled adventure. Tours visit sites of documented hauntings, ghosts and spirits in French Quarter residences as well as haunted bars and cemeteries. Tours visit the sites of some of the city's most legendary hauntings, such as the Lalaurie Mansion, the Spirit of O'Flaherty's Pub, the Witch of the French Opera, the Ghost of the Quadroon Mistress, Pere Dagobert of St. …

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