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ITV remains the clear market leader in the UK broadcasting industry - a fact confirmed by its revenue for January, which was up by 10% to [pounds]122.4m.

But ITV should still have enough reason to glance over its shoulder at the competition, with Channel 4 continuing to impress advertisers and media buyers with a combination of smart marketing and programming.

In January Channel 4 saw its share of revenue grow by more than 15% to [pounds]30.5m. But it continues to be a victim of its own success, because its strong sales performance means it had to pay ITV [pounds]57.3m after taking more than 14% of all TV ad revenue.

The latest figures give an end-of-year revenue forecast for ITV of [pounds]1625m (+8.1%), Channel 4 would take [pounds]431m (+11.6%), and between them their total revenue would be a combined [pounds]2056m (+8.8%).

But the strength of ITV does not mean it can afford to ignore its competition. Share of satellite viewing is up by 23% for the month of January - and although it takes its total proportion of the market to just 7. …


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