Race Relations: Is the End of Racism in the Hands of Gay White Men and Their Adopted Black Children?

Article excerpt

We've all seen them: good-looking, 30-something men with six-figure salaries, a Lexus hybrid, expensive shoos, and an even more expensive 2-year-old African-American toddler. I saw them one afternoon at a chicken restaurant in West Hollywood, Calif.--two gay white men and one black boy. Immediately, the arguments against interracial adoption came to mind: How will the black child learn about his culture from white parents? How will other black boys treat him? Will he know how to adequately deal with racism? Will he become less black?

Two things are certain: Racism exists, and an underfunded foster care system is bulging at the seams with children in need of loving parents. More than 550,000 children are now in foster care in the United States, and many of them are African-American, Studies show that black boys are the least likely to be adopted and olin "age out" of foster care at 18.

When white gay men adopt black boys, it's the beginning of a solution to both problems. What's more. sexual stereotypes are challenged. In the future, being a gay parent should be as normal as being a single mother, which parenting purists railed against 30 years ago.

I looked again at the table and pinpointed one of the boy's fathers. Was he teaching his son to say please and thank you? Check. …


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