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What a Free Press Means to America

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

What a Free Press Means to America

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Free press is a very important issue for all countries that claim to be free and democratic.

Citizens of the United States, a country that is known as the "home of democracy," understand the value of free press from childhood.

I, however, have lived in the former Soviet Union for my 15 years of life, a country where people were kept far away from the truth. I saw the country ruined because of constant lying, and the main source of wrong information was the media.

It did not take me very long to understand how, important a free press is. I want to be a journalist, and I hope to learn a lot about this profession in an American school; and here I am, reading stories about events that probably would have been hidden from the public in my country.

In America, as I see it, journalists are not afraid to write about controversial subjects because they have more faith in their rights and are more sure about the law, having grown up with freedom of speech.

However, I hear people saying: "You can't be 100% sure about anything nowadays," and they might be right. As one wise man said, "The only thing I am sure about is that I am not sure about anything in this world." Here journalists are supposed to help.

They need to be given as objective information as possible. But, sometimes, to attract readers, journalists sensationalize the bad and, in some cases, the wrong side of the story. They are abusing their freedom of the press.

There is a different side of a problem when journalists cannot get the truth. Sometimes, governmental organizations hide the information from representatives of the press. …

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