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Beyond Nice Looks

Magazine article Newsweek

Beyond Nice Looks

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Byline: Charlene Dy and Christina Gillham

A growing movement in the design industry seeks to go beyond esthetics and into more socially responsible work. Last week, the prestigious European design organization, Index, held its annual Design to Improve Life awards in Copenhagen ( ). TIP SHEET takes a look at the winners:

The lightweight, durable XO Laptop is sunlight-readable and shock- and moisture-resistant, important qualities to the large number of kids in the world whose classroom is outdoors. Better yet, the computers are only $100 each.

Made with low-cost materials like glass fiber and low-tech production methods, the Mobility for Each One is a prosthetic foot that costs only $8 to produce. The prototype uses the same compression-propulsion technology in fancy prosthetics that even allows wearers to run.

The fully electric Tesla Roadster produces zero emissions and accelerates from zero to 60 in four seconds, and its battery takes less than four hours to recharge. At $100,000, it's expensive, but with a fuel-efficiency equivalent of 135 miles per gallon, Tesla claims you'll spend less than two cents a mile.

The four-liter Solar Bottle was designed to improve on a solar-water disinfection system that uses the sun's UVA radiation and heat to destroy diarrhea-causing bacteria. The bottle's wide, transparent side allows for more exposure to UVA rays, its aluminum side absorbs heat and its flat shape allows for easy storage. …

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