Magazine article Computers in Libraries

Current Awareness Services

Magazine article Computers in Libraries

Current Awareness Services

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Information Overload! The bane of many librarians' lives is the ceaseless flow of information that threatens to engulf them. With the rapid expansion of the Internet, and associated growth of e-lists, the individual librarian is rightly perplexed as to how to cope.

There is simply no way the individual can be expected to keep abreast of the seminal welter of information produced in all the different forms of media. So the next best thing is to find a source that will keep you up to date, on your terms.

Hence the BUBL Information Service dons its Superman tights and leaps into Cyberspace, offering a free point-of-use service to belabored information professionals.

Buried Under Journals?

There are literally thousands of journals aimed at catering for library and information science, and while you are always promising yourself to make time to read those in the office, you never quite find the time. Help is at hand. Section E2 of BUBL provides you with the Tables of Contents, and often the published abstracts of over 200 LIS oriented titles. Moreover, these files are held consecutively, creating a dataset of the material added. Section El of BUBL details the range of time currently embraced for each title. As each hard copy of a journal is received, BUBL volunteers take it upon themselves to digitize the Table of Contents/abstracts and upload to BUBL as quickly as possible. Of course, for U.S. titles there is a delay as our hard copies are delivered by sea-mail, but all titles are added within a few days of being received and 20-plus titles are updated weekly. Currently, the scope of the titles covered includes just about all areas of the LIS profession, so you'll find something useful I'm sure!

At the same time as being sent to BUBL, they are sent to the Mailbase list Lis-bubl-e2 to be distributed to people who wish to receive a comprehensive coverage of all additions to Section E2. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to: Leave the subject line blank, but put into the text field:

join lis-bubl-e2 e.g. join lis-bubl-e2 John Brown The material in section E2 is available for WAIS searching independently from the rest of the BUBL Database, so you can either search for individual terms or use Boolean operators to narrow your search.

For non-LIS Tables of Contents, we provide links to many other services from the "Other Tables of Contents/Current Content Services for Journals" directory in Section E of BUBL. There you can access Academic Press Journals, for which BUBL is the host. This area is maintained by staff of Academic Press, one of BUBL's corporate sponsors. The material covered includes all of Academic Press's Journal titles, and once again the contents are building up into a dataset as they accumulate. …

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