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All Kinds of Everything

Magazine article Marketing

All Kinds of Everything

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They've got whatnots and thingummies, they've got more fun-but-useful novelties than you could shake a stick at.

The premiums market is always teeming with novelties and fresh forms of presentation and delivery. Incentive '95 has netted a shoal of them from electronic gizmos to clever little plastic things.

* A way to ensure that hot-line and emergency numbers are always where they are needed has been invented by a Leeds design consultancy. It is so optimistic about its Telephone Taggit - a plastic card that self-clips to the curly wire of a telephone - that it has formed a company of the same name.

* A topical product from EMC Advertising Gifts is a National Lottery Selector, which doubles as a business-card holder.

* Cards which sound like a telephone or play a tune when opened have been around for a while. Proliance adds an extra dimension with a selection of 60 different sound effects, from animal noises to spoken messages, not to mention some others which can only be described as rude.

* Colour-change products abound. Invicta Plastics, which produced the thermochromatic noses for Comic Relief, has applied the process to a multitude of products. Similarly, B&H Liquid Crystal Devices suggests items from swizzle sticks and frisbees to touch-and-reveal cards, which react to heat, cold and sunlight.

* Staffordshire Tableware has mugs which reveal messages and graphics when filled with hot liquid.

* Biro-Bic introduces its Bodyheat pen, which reveals a logo or message when held. The company also displays its range of more conventional pens.

* More pens are to be found in the Reynolds selection from Reeves Leese & Partners, new styles from AT Cross and pens and pencils from Berol.

* Anybody who has ever had a vehicle licence holder fall off the windscreen will appreciate the benefits of the magnetic tax disc holder from Badger Design. The cover plate can be personalised with a logo or message.

* DIY enthusiasts would find the magnetic tool mat from Listawood useful.

* Clocks in various guises are popular premiums and gifts. They come shaped as cartoon characters and incorporated into radio alarms, telephones, vases, mugs, mirrors and clipboards.

* Applications can be envisaged for the 'cerealised' clocks from Tickles UK, made to order as replica packs.

* For workaholics, Braun has an alarm which starts the day with the user's own recorded memos or messages.

* Time 2000 from Archway Promotions writes the time in fluorescent light in mid-air.

* Money-related items include [pounds]1 and [pounds]2 coins in new designs from the Royal Mint. …

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