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Do the Marination

Magazine article Nutrition Action Healthletter

Do the Marination

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You put the chicken in, You take the chicken out, You put the chicken in, And you shake it all about.

Seriously, folks. Just take chicken breast, white-fleshed fish, or firm tofu, soak it in the marinade (the longer the better--overnight if you can), and grill or broil.

(The nutrition information that follows each recipe is for the marinade only. Nobody knows how much is absorbed by the food. It could be as much as half.


From High-Flavor Low-Fat Cooking by Steven Raichlen (Camden House Publishing, 1992). (Not for sale from CSPI.)

1 Tbs. minced fresh ginger 3 cloves garlic, minced

(1 Tbs.) 1 or 2 jalapeno peppers,

seeded and minced

(optional) 3 scallions, finely chopped 1/4 cup reduced-sodium soy

sauce 1/4 cup mirin or white wine 1 1/2 Tbs. sesame oil 2 Tbs. maple syrup or

brown sugar (or to taste)

Place the ginger, garlic, peppers (if using), and scallions in a bowl and whisk in the soy sauce, mirin or wine, sesame oil, and maple syrup or brown sugar. Marinate tofu or seafood for 2 hours and poultry for 4 hours, turning once or twice. Makes enough marinade for 1 1/2 pounds of food. Serves 5.


Calories: 72 Sodium: 483 mg Fat: 5 grams Saturated Fat: 1g (63% of cals.) Cholesterol: 0mg


From High-Flavor Low-Fat Cooking.

4 or 5 oranges (2 cups

juice) 2 to 4 lemons (1/2 cup juice) 1/2 cup dry white wine 3 cloves garlic, minced

(1 7bs.) 1 Tbs. minced fresh ginger 1 medium-sized onion,

minced (1 cup) 2 cinnamon sticks 3 Tbs. paprika 1 tsp. cracked black

peppercorns 1/4 tsp. freshly grated

nutmeg 1-2 tsp. sugar (or to taste) 1/2 tsp. salt 3 Tbs. olive oil

Grate the zest of 1 orange and 1 lemon. Juice the oranges and lemons. Combine the orange juice, lemon juice, and wine in a saucepan and boil until only 1/2 cup liquid remains. Let cool.

Combine the garlic, ginger, and onion in a bowl. …

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