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Campus Papers Face Issues of Ads on the Net

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

Campus Papers Face Issues of Ads on the Net

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NOBODY EXPECTS COLLEGE newspapers to operate without advertising. So why not put ads online with the rest of the paper?

That's what the Kansas State Collegian asked Kansas State University administrators when the Collegian started an electronic newspaper, the E-Collegian, on the World Wide Web and realized the university had a policy banning commercial uses of the Internet.

The newspaper took the high ground and pleaded education, according to Kelly Campbell, student publications network administrator and creator of E-Collegian.

The purpose of the electronic newspaper, like that of the Collegian, is purely pedagogical, and any relationship to actual profit motive is purely coincidental, the newspaper argued.

"Advertising students need to know how to do this," Campbell said.

"It's not to make money," he added. "It's to get support so we can learn how to do it."

The outcome?

"The school Ok'd it. They were eager to let us do it," the computer science major said.

The university may be on the crest of an incoming wave, as advertising is taking to the Internet like surfers to an incoming tide.

"Advertising is quickly getting used to the electronic format, whether on the Web or on commercial services," said Robert Schafer, publisher of the Minneapolis Star Tribune's Star Tribune Online.

The Tech, the twice-weekly at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was at first refused when it asked for permission to sell online advertising, said former editor Jeremy Hylton. When students pointed out that the alumni association and the career office were selling ad space online, administrators relented.

He is planning the format now and said it might include, at the bottom of the newspaper home page, company logos that users could click on for more information.

Campbell expects online campus papers to slowly bring advertising on board, though in what form is unclear. …

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