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TODAY'S LETTERS: Pauline's Picks Column, Tom Ricks Right on Iraq

Magazine article Editor & Publisher

TODAY'S LETTERS: Pauline's Picks Column, Tom Ricks Right on Iraq

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Two columns written by E&P online editor Pauline Millard sparked letters this week. One was about The New York Times photo gallery called "Faces of War" and another about the coverage of the Univserity of Florida student who was tasered at a John Kerry event.

University of Florida's Student Paper Covers Tasering IncidentI am currently a graduate student in the anthropology department at the University of Florida. I happened to have also spent my undergraduate years at this university.

I have read the Alligator almost everyday for the past six years. I had not heard of Andrew Meyer until two weeks ago when he was handing out cards to promote his Web site. To claim Andrew Meyer, "has been known to stir controversey in the past via editorials in the student newspaper and through his personal Web site," is patently ridiculous. He has never created a controversy through the newspaper nor his personal website. At most he was an annoying presence to a few people standing in line to eat Krishna Lunch.

Furthermore, Andrew Meyer wrote very few editoriols in the Alligator, all of which had little impact whatsoever. You can research this yourself by going to the Alligator website and searching for his articles. His articles never created a controversy as you claim.

Please do not give Andrew Meyer the credit of being called a journalist. He is not. He has contributed very little to the Alligator and contributed very little to this university. To claim he has stirred controversy in the past is giving him too much credit. To imply his Web site was popular enough to provoke controversy is even more absurd.

I suggest you conduct research before you put forth such claims. You give Mr. Meyers too much credit and you insult the student body of the University of Florida when you claim that Mr. Meyers has had an influence prior to his altercation with University Police.

Bill Wright

'NYT' Photo Gallery Shows Faces of Iraq WarIt's time the press celebrates the heros and heroines of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Really celebrates our forgotten heroes, unackowledged as coffins are flown into Dover Air Force Base. Celebrates, too, the thousands of soldiers, flyers and sailors who have lost limbs and minds in battle, and who will be forever paying for their disabilities as they fight for competent care at GI installations. …

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