The Internet and Electronic Publishing: The Pace Accelerates

Article excerpt

Since last month's article about the Internet and publishing convergence (Information Today, March 1995, p. 12), CompuServe, one of the participants on the Electronic Publishing XIII program at the National Online Meeting, has acquired Spry, Inc., developer of Internet-in-a-Box and Mosaic-in-a-Box. The reported price was $100 million, and the deal intensifies the Internet access competition between CompuServe, America Online, and Prodigy.

Shortly thereafter, Folio, Novell, and the Copyright Clearance Center announced the creation of the Information Marketplace, an open model for bridging technical and economic gaps between participants in the electronic publishing distribution chain. The Information Marketplace establishes a neutral clearing-house for tracking, aggregating, and billing metered information transactions.

Finally, just before the closing date for this month's issue, IBM, Netscape, and Adobe agreed that Adobe's Acrobat software will be incorporated into all IBM PCs and into Netscape's Web browser software. This is perhaps the most interesting development of all. It is the beginning of an environment in which publishers do not have to worry about distributing technology (Acrobat readers, dedicated Web browsers, etc. …


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