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Clinton Gore Class Warfare Is Hypocritical

Magazine article Insight on the News

Clinton Gore Class Warfare Is Hypocritical

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The president and vice president released their tax returns recently. Given their frequent disparagement of the 1980s - and their supposed dislike of the Reagan income-tax-rate cuts - I had expected them to pay their taxes based on the higher, pre-Reagan tax rates. Indeed, if the Clintons and Gores so admire Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal, why didn't they voluntarily pay their taxes at Roosevelt's 90 percent rate? After all, they're not required to benefit from that which they claim to detest.

Well, the Clintons and Gores are class-warfare liberals. They have accumulated wealth and power as a direct result of years of privilege at the helm of big government. They don't practice what they preach. Rather, they impose what they preach on the rest of us. In fact, the welfare state looks good from their lofty perch.

In 1994, the Clintons' adjusted gross income was $263,900 (excluding presidential benefits and perks) - most of which came from the pockets of "working" Americans. The Clintons have earned more income since occupying the White House than at any other time in their careers. Of course they don't think the public is over-taxed.

Moreover, Clinton has been using his office to claim he is exempt from civil lawsuits and to accept more than $1 million in free legal services. Of course he sees no need to adopt the Republican legal reforms that protect working Americans and businesses of all sizes from frivolous and expensive lawsuits. Besides, why upset the trial lawyers, who contributed big bucks to his last election, who like the current system and who will fight to keep him in office in 1996?

And thanks to the taxpayers, the Clintons can afford to send their daughter to a top private school instead of the local public school. That's fine. But Clinton insists that the children of working Americans - who cannot afford private schools largely because of the heavy tax burden they bear - may not use some of their property taxes to send their children to such schools. Clinton demands that they attend the local public school, no matter how terrible or dangerous that school may be. Besides, the most powerful union in the country - the National Education Association, a mainstay of the Democratic Party - opposes school choice.

And what's the big deal about federal regulations, particularly environmental rules? Well, since Clinton has never, and probably will never, run a small business or farm - and produce goods and employ workers - he need not fear threats of crushing fines or outright confiscation of property from unaccountable government bureaucrats. …

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