TODAY'S LETTERS: Ann Coulter and Fallen Soldiers

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Readers wrote in today about Ann Coulter and fallen soldiers.

Ann Coulter on CNBC Show: Jews Need 'Perfecting' I am appalled at Ann Coulter's anti-Semitic comments. Let's hope she receives the same kind of treatment from the press that Don Imus received for his racist comments. And let's hope the Christian Right quickly dis-associates themselves from her. I for one, will not support any program, that offers time to her.

Larry GrimesGaithersburg, Md.

If Don Imus can be banished for his comments on the Rutgers women, why on earth do they allow this hateful woman to continue to have a public platform?

Pat Peterson

I don't understand why trying to convert someone to a religion is looked on as hateful. Is it not fair to say then that Jews are anti-christian by stating that Jesus was a liar or a falsity?

I think having an opinion that someones faith is misguided should not be construed as hate speech. This is a complete over reaction. …


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