Magazine article Conscience

The Church and Abortion

Magazine article Conscience

The Church and Abortion

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THREE OPINION POLLS IN heavily Catholic countries show consistent support for abortion rights. A poll of Catholics in the United States shows that a majority supports the availability of abortion in all or most cases.


A TNS MRBI POLL CARRIED out on behalf of the Safe and Legal (in Ireland) Abortion Rights Campaign asked people in what circumstances they would support abortion in Ireland, where it is currently illegal.

When a pregnant woman's life is at risk because of the threat of suicide?

Agree 69%

Disagree 25%

When the fetus cannot survive outside the womb?

Agree 75%

Disagree 20%

When the pregnancy seriously endangers the woman's life?

Agree 82%

Disagree 14%

When the pregnancy is the result of rape?

Agree 69%

Disagree 24%

When the pregnancy is the result of sexual abuse by a family member?

Agree 73%

Disagree 22%

When there is evidence that the child will be profoundly deformed (physically and/or mentally)?

Agree 56%

Disagree 37%

When a woman decides it's in her best interests to do so?

Agree 43%

Disagree 51%

The poll was done following a high-profile abortion case. An overzealous bureaucrat filed a court motion to prevent a woman with an anencephalic fetus from traveling to the U.K. for an abortion. The courts ruled in her favor, but the case once again revealed the lack of clarity in Ireland's laws. The 17-year-old woman, known as Miss D., was 18 weeks pregnant when the defect was discovered. …

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