Magazine article The New American

From the Editor

Magazine article The New American

From the Editor

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Dear reader,

As the artistic rendering of the flag on this magazine's cover suggests, a new North American Union would come about as a result of the merger of Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Americans who love our country, our Constitution, the freedoms our Constitution guarantees, and the prosperity made possible by freedom often cannot imagine our nation ever losing its national independence to a North American Union. Merging our beloved America with Mexico and Canada would include not only opening the borders within the newly created political entity of North America, but would also require blending our laws and system of government with two other remarkably different countries.

To see what political, academic, and business elitists in North America have in mind, we need only look at Europe--where the far-advanced merger of nations under the European Union (EU)is much more obvious.

The steps that led to the EU included a Common Market that unsuspecting Europeans were told would create jobs and prosperity through "free trade." The process has imposed a myriad of regional institutions and regulations on the member EU countries, including a European central bank, a European parliament, a court system, the euro, and tightly regulated trade* The EU bureaucracy, by design, has incrementally usurped more and more political and economic control until it has become the dominant central power that it is today.

This special issue of our magazine shows that the same process is being followed on this side of the Atlantic with the same type of deception Europeans have experienced* In our case, the process began in earnest with the 1993 North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA, which, we were told, would create jobs and prosperity through free trade* We now know that the trade arrangement installed by NAFTA has destroyed well-paying jobs and damaged our economy, exactly the opposite of what was promised. …

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