Magazine article Technology and Children

Taking Card Engineering to a New Level

Magazine article Technology and Children

Taking Card Engineering to a New Level

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Grade Level: Second grade and up


* One 30-minute session for review of famous Americans

* One 60-minute session for designing and constructing

* One 30-minute session for sharing

Card engineering is an excellent way to incorporate design technology into your classroom. Students can creatively design many projects using pop-up parts, levers, and sliding parts. In second grade we use card engineering for invitations to school activities, booklets that display information acquired by students, and cross-curricular projects.

design challenge

Student teams will create and construct "Famous American" pop-up posters. Posters must have three pop-up parts, one lever, and must creatively display four facts about the famous American.


teacher preparation

For more information and some sample card activities you can visit

Some helpful books:

* Paper Engineering for Pop-up Books and Cards by Mark Hiner

* Up-pops: Paper Engineering with Elastic Bands by Mark Hiner

* The Elements of Pop-up: A Pop-up Book for Aspiring Paper Engineers by James Diaz

* Pop-up Paper Engineering: Cross-Curricular Activities in Design Engineering Technology, English, and Art by Paul Johnson


The Science Source

TTS (Technology Teaching Systems)



Valiant USA

activity procedures

Day One: (30-minute review session) This activity takes place near the end of the year, after the students have learned about specific famous Americans. After reviewing facts about a famous American's life, your students should be encouraged to sign up for an historical American about whom they would like to create a poster. Card engineering and design activities with levers should also be reviewed so that each group can successfully incorporate them into its posters. …

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