Magazine article Technology and Children

Building Big

Magazine article Technology and Children

Building Big

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Technology is influenced by human needs. The human population increases in numbers every day. We need more places to live but have less land to build our homes on. We need to move more people and resources. We need to be aware of the environment and our impact on it. This problem would make an excellent design-brief situation. The websites I have found started with a search of the words "building" and "big" on a children's search engine, Yahoo for Kids. The first site on the list is PBS's Building Big, covered on page 12 in this issue. I checked out ships, airplanes, building green, architecture, and sites with pictures of big structures.


This is a company blog about its biggest ships:http://fogonazos.blogspot. com/200T/02/sea-giants_07.html

Why don't big ships sink? This website has an elementary science and math activity to explore the answer to that question: resources/sinkingships.htm


In Columbus' time, big oceangoing ships of the day used sails for their primary source of power. Why not use sails like the original seagoing vessels of long ago? It saves energy and actually can move huge ships very quickly. This website--www. php?L=1NASSCO--is from a company that actually manufactures modern-day sails for the big ships of today. There is also a list of the ships, tankers, and cargo vessels they have built since 1959 at cdc/csp.html that has the characteristics of each ship. For a picture and a more detailed list, click on the fact-sheet link under each type.



By the same bloggers mentioned in the first website above, here's one about airplanes, and these planes are huge! There are great pictures of the planes being loaded with their cargo. http://fogonazos.blogspot. com/2006/11/giantairplanes.html

What if we could build a hypersonic plane shaped like a paper airplane that could reach anyplace on earth in two hours, use liquid-hydrogen fuel, carry heavier payloads, and take off and land on regular runways? Sound like a good idea? Check out this website:

building green

Now all those big structures are cool, but they need to have an eye to the greener side of things. How can we save energy and still keep up with more demands for it? What other resources can we find that can be renewed? How can we reduce temperatures in huge cities and increase the number of plants, which absorb more carbon dioxide? These next two websites are also on the greener side of building.

On the first website the green is on top. …

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