Magazine article Public Management

Council-Manager Plan Task Force Resolution

Magazine article Public Management

Council-Manager Plan Task Force Resolution

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Whereas, ICMA was founded on the principles and values of the Council-Manager Plan, which was created to bring representative democracy and efficiency and effectiveness to local government by combining the political leadership of elected officials with the professional, managerial expertise of an appointed manager;

Whereas, Council-Manager government is based on an affirmation of the dignity and worth of public service, which fosters a constructive, creative, and practical response to the breadth of community needs and a deep sense of responsibility for addressing those needs;

Whereas, through its membership, ICMA has (1) identified the legal framework most conducive to the practice of professional management through council-manager recognition criteria, (2) defined the values of professional managers through its Code of Ethics, and (3) articulated the skills and knowledge required of professional managers by identifying a group of specific practices;

Whereas, throughout its 80-year history, Council-manager government has proven its adaptability to respond to community needs and desires;

Whereas, today, the form faces the most dynamic social, economic, demographic, and political changes since its initial adoption. It must continue to adapt, while maintaining its core values and

Whereas, it is time for ICMA members to reaffirm their commitment the Council-Manager form as the best vehicle for providing accountable professional local government management;

Now Therefore, Be It Resolved That the ICMA Membership:

1. Affirms that a primary purpose of the Association is to strengthen, promote, advocate, and defend the Council-Manager form. 2. Acknowledges, as they did in 1969, that professional local government management, as practiced under the Council-Manager system, can also be found in other forms. …

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