Magazine article Addiction Professional

Continuing Education Quiz

Magazine article Addiction Professional

Continuing Education Quiz

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Earn continuing education credits by taking this quiz on the article that begins on page 36 of this issue. A grade of 70% or above will earn you a certificate of completion for two nationally certified continuing education hours. This is an open-book quiz. After reading the article, complete the quiz by circling one of the three multiple-choice answers for each question. Please give only one response per question. Incomplete answers will be marked as incorrect. Send a photocopy of the page along with your payment of $35. Please complete fully the information section below; print clearly.

Improving prescriber and nonprescriber collaboration in the treatment of alcohol dependence

1. The "medicalization" of alcohol dependence treatment is being driven in part by the managed care industry's demand for:

a. Providers' written documentation.

b. Reliance on proven treatments.

c. Use of credentialed providers.

2. Physicians who see alcoholism as a moral failing rather than an illness might accuse counselors of engaging in this behavior toward the patient.

a. Transference

b. Blaming

c. Enabling

3. The manner in which physicians discuss patient cases often is difficult for counselors to relate to because it focuses largely on describing patients':

a. Symptoms.

b. Quality of life.

c. Family interaction.

4. In speaking with prescribing professionals, counselors need to avoid being too aggressive while at the same time not being overly:

a. Deferential.

b. Focused on psychological issues. …

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