TODAY'S LETTERS: Valerie Plame, Trent Lott, Venezuela and Circulation

Article excerpt

Readers wrote in today about Valerie Plame, Trent Lott, Venezuela, and Circulation.

Pearlstine: Rove Never 'Merited' Confidential Source Status In Plame CaseWhen you opined about the "known perpetrators of the Plame leak" you failed to mention the whereabouts of Richard Armitage, the first and primary source of the leak. His failure to be more forthcoming demonstrates a lack of character and integrity every bit as derelict as you claim for Karl Rove and Scooter Libby.

Mike BirminghamManassas, Va.

Exclusive: A Trip to 'Polarized' VenezuelaA well balanced article which puts forth the delicate situation we are facing in our country, unfortunately al that " Propaganda" you saw from the government "Si" is money from all Venezuelans that it is being misused for a particular political objective of only one person in charge "Hugo Chavez" and no possibility of a dialogue as you personally experienced. Pedro J. Lander

Trent Lott's Racial 'Thurmond' Remark Still Haunts Him, Paper in Home State SaysComment: This is significant. Sen. Lott is in a position to "know something."

He is one of the players who service the "rich and powerful." Perhaps he has been given information which leads him to conclude it is better for him to exit gracefully now before the celery soup hits the fan.

Perhaps he has been told that the Republic is going to be sacrificed at the altar of a false flag operation. Perhaps he has been told that the Republican Party is over.

Or perhaps he is a "peace offering" to the Democrats. There are so many possibilities. However, I find it difficult to believe that he's leaving because of "negative politics. …


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