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What Are Your Tips for an Effective Work-Life Balance?

Magazine article Communication World

What Are Your Tips for an Effective Work-Life Balance?

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The balance between professional and personal life only appears to be a dull subject. Behind the scenes it looks more like rough seas. The spread between my family, the agency I lead, customers, IABC, studying and participation in various projects requires excellent swimming skills. A lot of organizing and constant setting of priorities is urgent, and physical fitness certainly doesn't hurt.

In my case, the credit for keeping my head above water goes to my life partner and to my love for my job. I am certain that without mutual support and understanding between partners, the balance would simply be impossible to strike. I would probably have to choose between my family and my job.

Short time-outs are other smaller supports. When the moment is the most tense and all is at stake, open the window, take a short walk, and forget communication tasks and processes for a short time. Things are simpler when you come back with some distance and a breath of fresh air.

Vita Kernel

Company manager, Studio Kernel

Chapter president, IABC/Slovenia

Koper, Slovenia


I wonder if I qualify to give tips on this subject because it is something I am struggling with. My mother is always telling me that my generation works more, plays less, and yet we are not any wealthier. As far as she's concerned, today we live to work, and at almost 60 years of age with no grandbabies or son-in-law on the horizon, the lady has every reason to wonder. I am 33 years old, and at my age, my mother had a marriage, a career and two babies, and she still managed to squeeze in a master's degree and a third baby by the time she turned 36! Now how about that for effective work-life balance!

When I look at people who seem to have a work-life balance, their approach to life is very simple--they are disciplined in both their work and personal lives. They're also great at planning and seeing their plans through. …

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