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Marketing Mix: We'll Call You - Weight Watchers

Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Mix: We'll Call You - Weight Watchers

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We've been piling on the festive pounds at the expense of our appeal to the fairer sex. It's time for the beer belly to go.

WW Good morning, Weight Watchers, how may I help?

Mktg I'm looking to join a class, but I'm a young male so slightly worried. Do young men attend?

WW Yes, sitting next to me is a young man who lost over four stone with Weight Watchers. Would you feel more comfortable speaking to him?

Mktg That would be good, thanks (Mktg is transferred).

WW Hi, how can I help?

Mktg As a young male I'm anxious about joining a class. I'm 24.

WW I was just over 21 when I first attended Weight Watchers. I had the same concerns, as most people view us as female-oriented. Where are you in the country?

Mktg London.

WW In London the classes are very mixed in terms of gender, shapes and sizes. It was a programme that was originally designed for men and women, so you'll find that a lot of guys go. Do you mind me asking how much you want to lose?

Mktg I don't know my suitable weight; I think the beer has finally caught up with me.

WW How tall are you?

Mktg Five foot 11, six foot maybe. I haven't weighed myself in years.

WW So you might weigh anything between 10. …

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