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Marketing Mix: We'll Call You - B&Q

Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Mix: We'll Call You - B&Q

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Mix is striving to be greener, but can low-energy light bulbs really bring us out in a rash? We rang B&Q to find out.

B&Q Good morning.

Mktg Hello. I've just got a few questions about low-energy light bulbs I've seen a few reports about health issues with them - does the mercury in them cause skin rashes?

B&Q In my opinion, the press has blown it out of proportion because all bulbs contain mercury. If you bear with me, sir, I'll find you the updated information.

Mktg Thanks (Mktg holds).

B&Q OK, the company that produces the bulbs have said they cause no harm when used properly.

Mktg Right, OK.

B&Q You just need to take care when handling them or if they break, as you would with any bulb. Just be careful when fitting and unfitting. They need to be disposed of in a different way as a precaution, but you can find facilities for that at a normal recycling centre.

Mktg What if a bulb breaks?

B&Q Just take precautions really. Rather than picking up glass with your hands, use a brush and dispose of it carefully. When used properly they pose no danger, or what we might call a real threat.

Mktg OK.

B&Q If you like, I can give you the contact details for the manufacturer in case you want to confirm the details I've given you. …

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