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Folio Retriever Converts WWW Information into Searchable Folio Infobases

Magazine article Information Today

Folio Retriever Converts WWW Information into Searchable Folio Infobases

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Folio Corp. has made available Folio Retriever, a new software product that finds and downloads user-specified information from the Internet's World Wide Web (WWW) and uses the data to populate Folio infobases. This process adds significant new value to raw Web information by adding standard Folio infobase features to the data.

As a Folio infobase, the former HTML information automatically includes full text indexing and a hypertext-enabled table of contents with levels that expand and collapse, allowing even novice users to navigate the infobase easily or to conduct very fast and precise searches. In addition, users can personalize the information with bookmarks, annotations, electronic highlighters, and pop-up notes. Users can also share the information with others, conduct multi-user edits, and create shadow files--all standard features of Folio VIEWS.

Instead of simply pointing to a location where information can be found, Folio Retriever enables users to convert static Web information into a dynamic Folio infobase that can be used for other purposes. As a Folio infobase, Web information can be incorporated into the user's work, shared with co-workers, and taken to a meeting or on a trip using a laptop computer.

Folio Retriever is the first product to take a rifle approach rather than a shotgun approach to capturing Web information. Unlike a "crawler" or "spider" that wanders through vast amounts of data on the Web monopolizing valuable network resources, Folio Retriever goes directly to user-specified Web sites.

"The world doesn't need another Web indexing tool," said Ken Krull, product marketing manager for Folio Retriever. "There are already many resources that people can use to find what they need on the Web. However, business people who are accustomed to the powerful information handling capabilities of Folio VIEWS want the same functionality for Web information. Folio Retriever brings these worlds together--a wealth of data from the Web and the access, personalization, and portability features of Folio infobases."

To use Folio Retriever, users enter the Universal Resource Locator (URL) addresses of Web sites that have the information they need. Users can specify in their search how many levels of hypertext links they want to follow and the maximum amount of information they want to retrieve. Folio Retriever practices correct "netiquette" by pausing between requests when making multiple requests to the same server. It grabs the specified information and automatically converts the selected HTML pages into Folio flat files. …

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