Library Master 3.0 Formats Bibliographies, Bibliographic Footnotes, and Citations

Article excerpt

Balboa Software has begun shipping Library Master 3.0, a bibliographic database manager that automatically formats bibliographies, citations, and bibliographic footnotes. Version 3.0 adds automatic footnote and in-text citation formatting, customizable duplicate record detection, global search and replace, advanced sorting, abbreviation tables, and importing from 100 sources and publishing bibliographies on the World Wide Web.

Library Master 3.0 automatically formats the footnotes or in-text citations in a book, thesis or article. Pressing a key can paste a citation into a document using the Windows clipboard. The program formats bibliographic footnotes, author-date citations, or numbered citations, and creates a bibliography of works cited. Footnote formatting automatically uses different styles for the first and succeeding references to a work and uses "ibid" or "op. cit." if the style requires it.

In addition, Library Master 3.0 creates annotated and subject bibliographies, periodical literature indexes, catalogs, acquisitions lists, book spine labels and more. Users can pick from dozens of standard bibliographic styles or design their own. Numerous additional journal styles are available, including American Antiquity, American Institute of Physics, IEEE, Marketing, Science, Nature and Society of Biblical Literature.

Bibliography formatting can handle the fine details required by style manuals; it can abbreviate or spell out the author role, reformat page numbering, and add a letter to the year (1995a) for citations with the same author and year. …


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